I have been reading a few blogs posts that state that, as a developer, I should be keeping my own blog and my own portfolio of work that I do. The problem is, I can not always think of a great subject to talk about. I do feel like I am a very capable developer, but I am by far not a subject level expert. I believe the big reason for that is, I like to jump around and learn a little bit of everything. So this coming year I hope to start thinking of topics to write about and to find a way to narrow down a field of interest in development.

Another thing I hope to do this coming year is work on more projects that are not work related that I can start sharing and building up my personal portfolio of code. I am not going to code just to code, but try and find things that I like and maybe rebuild them in order to learn and maybe have something come out that could be of use to others.

My other mission, if I can find a way to pull it off, is to become a small business owner. I have spent the last few months researching existing business in there area that could use a person of my skill set to build them up again. They are older businesses that are doing OK, but don’t seem to have ANY automation in order to make their life easier. They are also not up to par on how to use social media to help market their business. The big obstacle I have had is, well, money! I have tried to negotiate on a seller finance deal, but the retiring owner wanted nothing to do with it. The SBA or the banks will deal with loans to buy or start a business either. If they do, they want your next three kids!

So there you have it, my main missions for the new year that is fast approaching! We will see what the future will hold!