I love reading “The Top XX things about XX” because sometimes, I find them interesting. So when I went to the article “Five Lies You’ll Hear at Work“, I wanted to see if the list applied to where I work and just to get an idea of author’s thoughts.

Most of the time the author will take the time to make comments about each item in the list to give their own personal opinion or supply research they have done about the item. Then you come across an article like Five Lies You’ll Hear At Work that will give you the list without any other explanation or comment on each item. Why? What’s the point? It is like someone said “Hey, you have not posted today” and so they came up with a list and threw it up on some public site and went about their day.

I am not the best writer, which is why it takes so much for me to blog, but I have learned that if you are going to post something, make it worth your time as well as the reader’s time. Maybe this rant is just me wanting to post something to my blog because my to-do list said to.  I will let you decide and I will scratch it off my list for today.  *smile*


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