After doing some research and asking others for their suggestions on how they deal with scheduling, it appears the most common answer is to stick with digital for timed appointments.

I am going on my second week of using my Bullet Journal and the one part I could not warp my head around was events and their start/end times. I wanted to maintain things in one nice little place but that does not seem to be the best solution for me right now. I still have a analog calender that gets updated with events and their start/end time, but that is not included in my journal. I also keep my Google Calender updated with the events since all of my devices sync up.

It seems like I am adding things to different places which is not the most efficient way, but for now this is the approach I am going to stick with. It might end up where I just stay with the digital side of the house when it comes to future events and appointments to make use of the reminders that I get while sticking with just recording that the event occurred in my Bullet Journal.

So far I have enjoyed my journal and it has gotten me to re-think items that I place on my TODO list and I seem to get more things done with this method. We will just see if that contiunes as the year goes on and our life starts to get really busy.

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