I will  blame my wife for this, but I have started looking into the Bullet Journal methods of organization. I believe the geeks have been referring to this as the analog way of organizations and task management. Since I am very much a geek and have been trying to go paperless for a long time, this should be an interesting journey on my part since this is going in a completely opposite direction.  As I move forward with this I am going to try and share my adventures, for better or for worse, with anyone who is interested.

The reason I am trying to go analog is to see if this improves my productivity and if it will keep me better organized. The problem I face is I have a bunch of digital applications that share among my many devices, but I seem to build up a task list that never gets completed. I don’t know if it is the set and forget way that a digital version of a task manager works, but that is my problem. One of the things the analog method is suppose to help with is making you review and determine if tasks are still valid or maybe even give you a kick in the butt to get them completed. I realize that the digital versions can do the same, but with analog you have to migrate tasks to the next day or month. This in its self can make you look at the task and if it is still relevant.

We will see how long I go with this adventure and will try and share any tips or pitfalls that I come across and share it here for all the world to see. I have been trying to get into a steady habit of updating my blog and this may help with that as well.

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