I have decided to try something new when it comes to working on my PHP knowledge. I would like to think that I am a pretty good developer and can do anything that is required of me in my professional career. But there are times where I will try a silly little PHP test for a freelance site and realize that there is so much more that I don’t know because either I don’t have a need for areas of PHP or I don’t know of functions that could make my job a lot easier. So to help learn some of the other functions within the language I am going to try and learn a small section of PHP each day. I had thought about posting about those sections just to make sure that I am setting that time aside, but I am still not 100% sure if I will or not.

I have no idea how many, if anyone at all, reads this blog. But I created it for my own use as well as some of the projects that I am working on. So if I do post things that I am exploring that day within the PHP language and you find it useful, make a comment or send me an email and I will make more of a habit to add more posts to the site.

Well I have started re-writing the whole client library to remove some of the complexity and add a lot more flexibility for changes that may occur in the Ebay API. Working on the unit tests before moving this re-write into a version. Stay tuned!

After doing some research and asking others for their suggestions on how they deal with scheduling, it appears the most common answer is to stick with digital for timed appointments.

I am going on my second week of using my Bullet Journal and the one part I could not warp my head around was events and their start/end times. I wanted to maintain things in one nice little place but that does not seem to be the best solution for me right now. I still have a analog calender that gets updated with events and their start/end time, but that is not included in my journal. I also keep my Google Calender updated with the events since all of my devices sync up.

It seems like I am adding things to different places which is not the most efficient way, but for now this is the approach I am going to stick with. It might end up where I just stay with the digital side of the house when it comes to future events and appointments to make use of the reminders that I get while sticking with just recording that the event occurred in my Bullet Journal.

So far I have enjoyed my journal and it has gotten me to re-think items that I place on my TODO list and I seem to get more things done with this method. We will just see if that contiunes as the year goes on and our life starts to get really busy.

I will  blame my wife for this, but I have started looking into the Bullet Journal methods of organization. I believe the geeks have been referring to this as the analog way of organizations and task management. Since I am very much a geek and have been trying to go paperless for a long time, this should be an interesting journey on my part since this is going in a completely opposite direction.  As I move forward with this I am going to try and share my adventures, for better or for worse, with anyone who is interested.

The reason I am trying to go analog is to see if this improves my productivity and if it will keep me better organized. The problem I face is I have a bunch of digital applications that share among my many devices, but I seem to build up a task list that never gets completed. I don’t know if it is the set and forget way that a digital version of a task manager works, but that is my problem. One of the things the analog method is suppose to help with is making you review and determine if tasks are still valid or maybe even give you a kick in the butt to get them completed. I realize that the digital versions can do the same, but with analog you have to migrate tasks to the next day or month. This in its self can make you look at the task and if it is still relevant.

We will see how long I go with this adventure and will try and share any tips or pitfalls that I come across and share it here for all the world to see. I have been trying to get into a steady habit of updating my blog and this may help with that as well.

Being on LinkedIn I always get request from recruiters/headhunters about a job matching my abilities. What I find most of the time is that they have not even viewed my profile. There are a few that will view my profile and the job they are looking to fill does seem to match my current skill set. What I don’t get is when they send you a message about a position and you reply with anything other than you are interested, they will not respond to you again. What happen to the days where you build a relationship with people? I thought that was the whole purpose of LinkedIn.

The reason this topic popped into my mind was a recruiter recently contacted my about a position within my skill set but would require a relocation and to be honest, I am pretty happy in my currently position. I replied with that fact and with the note that I would be more than happy to pass the job opportunity along to other developers I may know. The recruiter followed up after a few days to see if I was able to forward it along and if anyone had any interest. Even after telling this recruiter there was no interest because of the relocation, she still continued to keep an open communication channel. That is something I respect while understanding that they get paid based of placements and really have to make as many contacts as they can. This can make it harder to be personal but the fact that she kept replying to any questions I had has made me make a note to keep in contact if anyone I know is ever in need of work.

So just a quick note to recruiters, a little communication and personal touch will go a long way into building your contacts with skilled workers and maybe lead to more of your positions being filled or maybe even a contact with HR departments in other companies to supply more jobs for your contacts.

Well the library has not really gotten a lot of usage, but when I created it that was not the main idea. I am trying to finally get some code out in the world. I am going to look at changing how the library works and integrate Guzzle into the library for better control of the API calls. This will make it a little easier for people to use when cURL or other libraries are not available on their servers. So look out for a new version later this year!

I have finally made the development and updating of this website very easy by using a few third party plugins and GIT. I now make all of my changes in my development environment and push my changes through GIT to my  shared HostGator account.

I used a configuration setup that allows me to setup environments and settings so there is no more changing anything before pushing to production. all of the database and URL settings are in a environment based configuration setup. I am also using a nice third party tool that will allow me to push/pull the database to my local development machine so that I can really test any updates on the development machine with clean data.

Here is to a more productive New Year!