It has been awhile since I have updated the client library, but this due more to the lack of outside interest than my interest. I plan on reviewing the code and reviewing the Ebay API to see if any changes are needed, but have also thought about abandoning the project. With work and the OWLMO project, I don’t think spending time on a unused client library makes much sense. But if you do use the library and would like to see improvements, please let me know in the comments!

Well I have started re-writing the whole client library to remove some of the complexity and add a lot more flexibility for changes that may occur in the Ebay API. Working on the unit tests before moving this re-write into a version. Stay tuned!

Well the library has not really gotten a lot of usage, but when I created it that was not the main idea. I am trying to finally get some code out in the world. I am going to look at changing how the library works and integrate Guzzle into the library for better control of the API calls. This will make it a little easier for people to use when cURL or other libraries are not available on their servers. So look out for a new version later this year!