It has been awhile since I have updated the client library, but this due more to the lack of outside interest than my interest. I plan on reviewing the code and reviewing the Ebay API to see if any changes are needed, but have also thought about abandoning the project. With work and the OWLMO project, I don’t think spending time on a unused client library makes much sense. But if you do use the library and would like to see improvements, please let me know in the comments!

I wrote about this awhile back and never really did follow up with what transpired. A few months ago I was brought on board as the CTO / Developer for a start-up based in Miami. The start up is Owlmo LLC ( and we were able to go live on March 29th. I can not take all of the credit for the application as I was brought on to finish it up and to bring it live.

We have now been live for a month and as with many start-ups, have already taken the feedback we have received and are moving in a slightly different direction with the application and have already started to receive positive feedback with where we want to take the platform.

With the new platform already in development, I hope to share all the fun I am having in designing the new system along the way. It has already taught me a lot about the different technologies we are using and a whole new approach to development. I hope to share the excitement and even the frustration along the way.