Being on LinkedIn I always get request from recruiters/headhunters about a job matching my abilities. What I find most of the time is that they have not even viewed my profile. There are a few that will view my profile and the job they are looking to fill does seem to match my current skill set. What I don’t get is when they send you a message about a position and you reply with anything other than you are interested, they will not respond to you again. What happen to the days where you build a relationship with people? I thought that was the whole purpose of LinkedIn.

The reason this topic popped into my mind was a recruiter recently contacted my about a position within my skill set but would require a relocation and to be honest, I am pretty happy in my currently position. I replied with that fact and with the note that I would be more than happy to pass the job opportunity along to other developers I may know. The recruiter followed up after a few days to see if I was able to forward it along and if anyone had any interest. Even after telling this recruiter there was no interest because of the relocation, she still continued to keep an open communication channel. That is something I respect while understanding that they get paid based of placements and really have to make as many contacts as they can. This can make it harder to be personal but the fact that she kept replying to any questions I had has made me make a note to keep in contact if anyone I know is ever in need of work.

So just a quick note to recruiters, a little communication and personal touch will go a long way into building your contacts with skilled workers and maybe lead to more of your positions being filled or maybe even a contact with HR departments in other companies to supply more jobs for your contacts.