Well the library has not really gotten a lot of usage, but when I created it that was not the main idea. I am trying to finally get some code out in the world. I am going to look at changing how the library works and integrate Guzzle into the library for better control of the API calls. This will make it a little easier for people to use when cURL or other libraries are not available on their servers. So look out for a new version later this year!

I have finally made the development and updating of this website very easy by using a few third party plugins and GIT. I now make all of my changes in my development environment and push my changes through GIT to my  shared HostGator account.

I used a configuration setup that allows me to setup environments and settings so there is no more changing anything before pushing to production. all of the database and URL settings are in a environment based configuration setup. I am also using a nice third party tool that will allow me to push/pull the database to my local development machine so that I can really test any updates on the development machine with clean data.

Here is to a more productive New Year!

Well I have moved the site back to a wordpress install because what i was using just seem to be more than what was needed. It also seemed like every day I had to install new updated that required a full upload of the site files instead of an easy upgrade module like most packages have. So now I need to get the site back into shape with the projects and general rants. Thanks for stopping by!